måndag 23 augusti 2010

50´s purse..

Teal n Polar. Nice touch to a classic purse.

El klassiko..

Ivory n bright red on black..


Ahhh, i´ll have another mai-thai...

Tiki panel 4 El Cheapo

teal n bright red..

Fink Fuel a go go!!

Bebopalula 2010!!

I´ll be there slinging 1-shot all day. Bring your car,bike or whatever. Drop by n say hi!

more info @ www.bebopalulafestival.se/

Party or WHAT??

Alright folks.. I´we been kinda lazy latley. Sorry, but i´m on my own legs again.
Let´s shake pepole!!

Flamingo cut outs for my apartment..

torsdag 12 augusti 2010

BACK ON MY OWN.. and i like it!!

Fuck yes.. i dunno.. im happy. hope you are to. Your favorite paint slinger are up n stronger than ever..
more to come, god bless, i don´t.